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Buda Gábor E.V. (hereinafter referred to as the Webshop Owner) has established a privacy policy to protect the personal data of visitors and customers in the most discreet and secure manner possible, in accordance with applicable laws. Accordingly, we assure our visitors that we will not disclose to any third party any data necessary for their purchase or registration, unless otherwise required by a competent court.

Registration data

The Web Store Owner respects the rights of users who visit the Site to have their personal data protected. This Privacy Policy allows you to choose which information you provide on this Website. The Web Store Owner will process your data provided on this Website in accordance with this Privacy Policy. In any case, your submission of data is voluntary. By submitting your personal data, you authorise the Web Store Owner to use the data you provide in accordance with this Privacy Policy. By registering for the Site, you expressly and unambiguously consent to the Store Owner sending you notices relevant to the subject matter of the Site, and your consent is voluntary and informed. In designing the Site, we have endeavoured to ensure that most of the Content, products and services available on this Site can be accessed without your providing any personal information. This Privacy Statement is available directly from the pages of the Site at any time.

This Privacy Statement applies to the collection of both personal and non-personal information (e.g. information used to compile non-personal visitor statistics).

You have the right to restrict or prohibit the use or collection by the Store Owner of any personal information that you provide on this Site. You have the right to request the Store Owner to delete your personal data from the Site. To do so, please send your request to us at the email address provided on the Site contact page or via the online contact form.

The Store Owner will not share with third parties any personal information voluntarily provided through this Site without the permission of the data owner. Exceptions to this are mandatory disclosures required by applicable law (in the case of an obligation to comply with governmental authorities, subpoena, court order, etc.).

The Site may contain elements that request visitors to provide information about their acquaintances (their name, nickname, possibly their e-mail address). This data, which may be considered personal data, is also covered by this Privacy Statement and is protected by this Privacy Statement.

The data voluntarily provided, unless otherwise specified on this Site at the point of providing the data, may be used by the Web Store Owner for the following purposes and only for the purposes listed herein: to invite you to subscribe to the Web Store Owner's newsletters (not for automatic sending of newsletters), to send promotional messages about the Web Store Owner's products and services, and to send promotions offering products and services of third parties doing business with the Web Store Owner.

The Site may require the use of cookies for the proper functioning and operation of the Services. In these cases, if cookies are enabled in the visitor's browser, the use of cookies is automatic. The cookies that the visitor's browser saves on the visitor's computer do not contain any personal data, they may only contain pieces of information that can be used by the Site to enable the Site to identify the visitor, so that the returning visitor does not have to re-enter certain data already provided and recorded on this Site. The use of cookies is an option to make the browsing of the Website more convenient, and the user can disable the use of cookies at any time in his/her browser. However, some of the services and Content of the Site may require the use of cookies, so these services and Content may not be available on browsers with cookies disabled.

We will take all reasonable measures to ensure the security and protection of your information. The Web Store Owner will treat personal and non-personal information received by it as confidential and subject to the obligation of confidentiality. Access to the data is strictly limited to prevent unauthorized access, alteration or unauthorized use of the data.

The Content on the Site is for information purposes only. The Contents have been uploaded in good faith; the Contents, their accuracy and completeness are not guaranteed by the Website Owner. The Website Owner and its employees shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage, loss of profit or loss of profit arising from the Contents of this Website. The Website may contain hyperlinks to other websites, which are owned by third parties independent of the Website Owner, and therefore the Website Owner shall not be liable for the content of such linked websites or for the products and services available through them.

Cancellation of registration

Of course, we allow our visitors and customers to cancel their registration and the benefits that come with it, as follows:
Please indicate your intention to do so at the customer service e-mail address provided on our contact us page or at one of our other contact details.
We will then delete all your data from our system at your request, we will not make a copy of it and we will cease all direct communication with you.

Renewal of registration data

Our system gives you the opportunity to correct your data if it changes.
Changes can be made after logging in. Billing and shipping details can be entered and modified in step 3 of the checkout process and can be saved without placing an order. Alternatively, you can contact us at the customer service email address provided on our contact page or at one of our other contact details and we will correct your details.


The content of the materials, photos and data displayed on the Web Store Owner pages are protected by copyright. Any form of reproduction, storage in data systems, publication on other websites, use in any form beyond personal use is only permitted with the prior written permission of the Webshop Owner. This website may contain, among others, textual, graphic or other works of authorship protected by copyright of the following authors: Shopmasters-Informatika Ltd.

Limitations of liability

Anyone may visit or use the webshop Owner's pages only at their own risk. The webshop Owner shall not be liable for any loss or damage, direct or consequential, of any kind whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, to users arising from any incorrect or misleading content on the webshop Owner's pages, or from the use, inability to use, failure, interruption or termination of its web pages and services. (This statement does not apply to our services governed by a separate agreement or contract - for which the Web Store Owner shall act and be liable as set out in the contracts.)


Users using the services of the Webshop Owner acknowledge that during the transmission of data, data may be lost, destroyed or fall into unauthorised hands, and that due to the public nature of the Internet, there may be intrusions by third parties, which may result in the data (including personal data) falling into unauthorised hands. In such cases, the Webshop Owner shall not be liable in any way, and the user is aware of the risk involved and assumes this risk when using the service.
Of course, we do our utmost to ensure that data is secure, our hosting and website are managed by professionals and systems are regularly updated. We do not disclose data to third parties of our own free will - except to public authorities if they have the necessary authorisation or permission.

Please note that you may only use this website if you agree to the above!