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Chacott Slippers

€ 26.76
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Chacott slippers.
Model: 012315-0001-58L


Overshoes with high thermal insulation on both sides in non-woven fabric.
- You can wear wearing half shoes or pointe or shoes.
It serves to protect the foot from cold winter weather, from dirt in dressing rooms and work areas from shoe dirt!
Because a soft rubber is used for the mouth, it is easy to put on and remove. Adjustment holes are also included, so you can adjust them according to your ankles.
Use a non-slip material on the sole.
It can be washed by hand.
Size: M (foot length or reference shoe 20.0 ~ 22.0 cm), L (22.5 ~ 24.0 cm), LL (24.5 ~ 26.0 cm)
Color: 029 Dark blue, 040 Royal rose (only M, L), 17. Silver Gray, 62 Pink coral
Note: The LL size is only for Dark Blue color
Material: polyester, PVC etc.


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