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Pastorelli Adhesive Tape - Galaxy Red

€ 5.95
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Metallic adhesive tape to decorate hoops and clubs.
Model: 01628


A roll of tape is enough to decorate a 90 cm hoop when not overlapping the adhesive tape during application.
The adhesive tape is attached to a paper film. We recommend that you cut one meter sections and apply it to your hoop separating the adhesive film from the paper gradually.
For longer life it is recommended to apply transparent adhesive tape over the coloured adhesive tape.
The shade of the adhesive tape’s color may differ slightly depending on the production batch.
Pastorelli adhesive tape for hoops
Country of origin: Italy
Length: 11m
Width: 1.9cm
One roll is enough to decorate a 90cm hoop.

Type: Galaxy


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