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Ribbon for Rhythmic Gymnastics

You will find a wide range of rhythmic gymnastics ribbons and accessories at rgwebshop rhythmic gymnastics online sports store. In addition to well-known professional brands (Chacottt, Sasaki, Pastorelli and Tuloni), we also sell products specifically designed for beginners to help you learn the basics of rhythmic gymnastics. You can buy everything you need for rhythmic gymnastics in one place, such as: ribbon rollers, carabineers... 

How to choose an RG ribbon

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The category includes rhythmic gymnastics bands from world-renowned manufacturers.
Depending on the age and the height and ability of the gymnast, the ribbon is chosen in lengths of 5 or 6 metres. To participate in international FIG championships, the ribbon must be approved by the FIG (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique). 
The ribbons used for rhythmic gymnastics are used in combination with a stick. They are connected to a metal or textile carabiner. The ribbons are usually made of viscose. The rayon is very light, strong and non-electrostatic.
The ribbons are available in single colours, multi-coloured or with individual patterns.