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Tips for buying and using an RG clubs

Tips for buying and using an RG clubs
RG clubs, brands, sizes, instructions for use


There are several types of clubs, e.g. plastic or combined (plastic and rubber).
In addition, the clubs may or may not be connectable.
Combined clubs have a rubber head, which has the advantage of causing less injury when performing different exercises and they fit better together, allowing the gymnast to vary the exercise.

The clubs can be decorated with wallpaper, but when used in FIG competitions, the FIG mark must be visible.

RG clubs brands

Our Amaya clubs are primarily recommended for beginner gymnasts. They are available in a wide range of colours and are plastic, connectable.
More professional gymnasts tend to choose the Pastorelli and Chacott brands.
From our experience over the years, it is difficult to say whether Pastorelli or Chacott is better. Most of the time it depends on the gymnast's personal preference and habituation.


RG clubs size selection

When choosing the right size of the rhythmic gymnastics clubs, the age of the gymnast and the length of his/her arms should all be considered.
Approximate clubs sizes based on the age of the gymnast:

  • 36 cm for children (between 3-7 years of age)
  • 41 cm for junior athletes (between 8 and 14 years of age)
  • 45 cm for adult athletes (age 14 and over).

Importantly, the size ultimately depends on the length of the arm. To determine the correct size, hold the clubs in your hand and stretch it along your arm. The clubs should reach to the middle of your shoulder.



RG clubs usage, maintenance

Never expose your clubs to extreme hot or cold temperatures, as they can become warped or brittle if exposed to extreme temperatures. Allow them to warm to room temperature before use. Mace should only be used in carpeted areas as they break easily if they fall on hard flooring. They should be stored at room temperature standing against a wall or hanging by a handle. Specially designed holders are available for storing clubs.
Always be careful with the clubs, they are the most dangerous tools in rhythmic gymnastics. They should always be used with proper care and supervision, as improper handling can cause serious injury to yourself and others.

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