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Turning Board - Purple

€ 14.86
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Find your centre

Improve your positioning

Increase your confidence

Model: K2404


  • MAKE EXERCISE FUN! Boost your mood during your workout, it will be fun and enjoyable while building your technique. Many dancers can't stop laughing while working on improving their pirouette with the turntable.
  • IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL DANCE TECHNIQUE. This turnboard can help improve the quality and quantity of your turns by reducing friction. It helps to develop proper foot, body and hand position during the turn.
  • A must have accessory for all dancers. No matter what style of dance you dance.

For proper ballet rotation, you need a concentrated change of position, a strong core and correct arm position.  The TurnBoard is designed to have very little friction, allowing dancers to focus on the individual elements of the turn.  The skills learned while using the TurnBoard lead to better and bigger turns, even when turning without the TurnBoard.  Experience the feeling of executing more turns and gain confidence as your turns improve. 

Size: 7,4 X28,5cm


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