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Amaya balls for Rhythmic Gymnastics

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Rhythmic gymnastics ball
In this category you will find rhythmic gymnastics balls and equipment from the biggest manufacturers. In addition to professional FIG-certified balls such as Pastorelli, Sasaki and Chacott, we also have products specifically designed for beginners (Amaya) to help them learn the basics of rhythmic gymnastics.

The balls come in a variety of colours, from light and pastel to glittery shades. We sell products from the most famous manufacturers, quality guaranteed by the name of the manufacturer, all at a reasonable price.  The polish of the balls is durable, easy to clean and resistant to temperature changes. We not only sell balls, but also other accessories and equipment for rhythmic gymnastics, we have everything you need. Our products are popular with newcomers to sports schools.

Single and multi-coloured, pearly, glittery and traditional balls with diameters of 16, 17 and 18.5 cm and weights of 400-450 grams.  

The shape and design of the ball is ideally balanced, allowing for more accurate execution of throws and other complex elements.