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Tuloni Rope "Lori" - Coral

€ 10.54
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Tuloni RG rope
Model: T1106


One-color professional rope for rhythmic gymnastics of medium hardness. Suitable for beginners and professionals.
LORI ropes have a wide palette of bright colors. They well balanced, which facilitates throws and ensures the accuracy of performing complex elements. It is recommended to test in work for those who have not yet decided on the choice of the rope, but are in the process of searching and testing various options.
Thanks to the uniform centering, the ropes are very "obedient" to flight. They are easily wound up and returned to the hand. Ropes are made in accordance with the international standard FIG. The LORI model has a length of 3 meters, so it is also ideal for taller gymnasts.
Art.:  RG ROPE
Color: BLACK
Weight: 180 gr. (+/- 3%)
Length: 3,0 m (+/- 3%)
Segment: 9,0 mm (+/- 3%)
Model: LORI
FIG: Standard: YES | Certificate: NO

Length: 3
Colour: One colour


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